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“Elysium” / “Элизиум” RUSSIAN PUNK ROCK TOUR

We are excited to announce tour across America by greatest Russian punk-rock band Elysium!



download the latest album (208 MB)




New York THU Sept 30
Boston FRI Oct 1
Washington SAT Oct 2
Chicago SUN Oct 3
Phoenix TUE Oct 5
Austin WED Oct 6
Los Angeles FRI Oct 8
San Francisco SAT Oct 9
Seattle SUN Oct 10

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—Tickets will not be sent by mail. Please bring a printout of your receipt with ID.—

Tour dates:

New York City Don Hill’s Thursday 9/30
Boston ARBAT Friday 10/1
Washington Slaviya Saturday 10/2
Chicago Empty Bottle Sunday 10/3
Phoenix The Rogue Bar Tuesday 10/5
Austin Darwin’s Pub Wednesday 10/6
Los Angeles Ukranian Culture Ctr Friday 10/8
San Francisco Rock-It-Room Saturday 10/9
Seattle Republiq Sunday 10/10


Elysium is one of Russian punk-stage leaders. It’s a bright and timely rock band basing its creativity on exclusive synthesis of punk-rock and metal, grunge, ska and reggae. Contemporary solid sound of the band features precise rhythm section, guitar drive, pronounced grunt-horn and cello, and also a sonorous vocal and lyrical intonation. Elysium’s music style, Cosmos-Rock (Space-Rock) has no counterparts not only in Russia, but in the whole Europe.

With sets on all the country’s big rock festivals, hundreds of concerts across Russia, sold out shows on all the main stages of Moscow behind, last year Elysium made one more great dash ahead. The musicians played cooperative concerts with NOFX, Mad Caddies and Die Arzte, and had a full house gig in B1 Maximum with a concert album and DVD “Peace, not war” based on it coming afterward.

In December 2008 Elysium is to celebrate its 13th Anniversary and at the same time present a new studio album “13” to the fans on one of Moscow main stages. The new album’s forerunner was a maxi-single “Target’s children/Killer’s children”, where Elysium sounds a new way, the lyrics are sharp, provocative and topical and the music became more dynamic, heavy and at the same time more lyrical.

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OCTPOBOK 2010 Sept 4-5 @ CampMD

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Buy Tickets

ОСТРОВОК Festival Sept 4-5, 2010
Festival tickets – $20 online ($25 at the door).

This does not include accommodation. Please reserve your accommodation (tents or beach houses) directly with
Camp MD http://www.CampMD.com
15914 Camp Merryelande Rd
St. George Island, MD 20674-0222
Phone (301)994-1722

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WHEN: August 22nd, door 7, concert 8pm
WHERE:214 Sullivan St, New York — Sullivan Hall

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Organizers of the concert: “Kvartirnik and Soho» said: “Kvartirnik is done for friends from different cities to meet in New York in Soho an excellent
scenic spot, listen to music, socialize, to make new friends and relax. The main reason why it was named “kvartirnik”, is because friends play for friends, where there is an atmosphere of respect and
goodwill towards each other. It is much easier to control the process,when you know the majority of the audience personally. This atmosphere we want to maintain in the future.
“Kvartirnik in Soho” is an opportunity of personal contact with famous musicians and actors in a circle of friends ”

A big plus of these concerts – a good sound, good crowd. Great
and friendly audience.

Come to “Kvartirnik in Soho” On August 22 our guest is Oleg Skripka
group from Voply Vidopliassova ”

Information tel. 212-300-7633

Организаторы концерта «Квартирник а Soho» говорят: « Квартирник делается для того, чтобы друзья из разных городов могли встретиться в Нью-Йорке в Сохо отличном живописном месте, послушать музыку, пообщаться, найти новых друзей, отдохнуть. Основная причина, почему он носит закрытый характер, – формат квартирник, где играют друзья для друзей, где присутствует атмосфера уважения и доброжелательности друг к другу. Гораздо проще контролировать процесс, когда ты знаешь большинство публики лично. Эту атмосферу мы и хотим сохранить в дальнейшем, поэтому людям со стороны тут делать нечего. “Квартирник в Soho” это возможность личного общения с известными музыкантами и актерами в кругу друзей”

Большой плюс подобных концертов – хороший звук, знакомая аппаратура. Ну и доброжелательная публика. Минус – невысокая финансовая отдача от «лайвов» – проводить большие концерты, безусловно, выгоднее.

Приходите на “Квартирник в Soho” 22 Августа у нас в гостях Олег Скрипка солист группы “Вопли Видоплясова”

Информация по тел. 212-300-7633

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