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2011 Avtomat Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Chervona, TwinPeaks and DODO Orchestra for splitting  2011 Avtomat Grant and having a great fundraising run!!!

$750 + 165*5 = $1575 in funds

$500 + $70*5 = $850 in funds

$250 + $44*5 = $470 in funds



TwinPeaks CD Release                           (25%, 70 Votes)
Oleg Burian Art Work Stakan                   (0%, 0 Votes)
Chervona CD Release                             (59%, 165 Votes)
Kate Balandina Music Video Project        (1%, 2 Votes)
DODO Orchestra Music Video                 (16%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 282

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Update (6/15): We corrected a few erroneous votes that were added because of parallel payment pathways. We believe the current poll to have correct values.

Each vote is $5. Everyone is eligible to vote multiple times. All vote money will be distributed to the artists according to the poll in addition to the prize for the top 3 places. 1st – $750, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $250






Chervona CD release





Mixing together taste and passion of the best Gypsy, Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer and Balkan musical traditions, Chervona brings the fire of Eastern European carnivals to the land of America. With their authenticity and genuine fire Chervona has stolen many hearts. Shining with their brass section and capturing soul with the traditional sounds of the old world and new interpretations, Chervona transforms a celebration into an ultimate party!
During 5 years of it’s existence Chervona wrote an amazing amount material that has never being released. There is a collection of songs that got already recorded and needs to be professionally mixed, mastered and released as an album.
By voting and donating you are making that goal to become a reality. Thank you for love and support!


Help TwinPeaks release their first CD






Bridging the distant worlds of the American and the Russian music scenes is an artistic collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area, appropriately claiming the name Twin Peaks. Formed in 2009, Twin Peaks is a band that loves playing live shows for screaming and dancing fans as much as working patiently in the studio on new releases. The repertoire of this musical group includes a growing set of original compositions as well as a selection of international cover songs. The styles of music played by Twin Peaks range from indie-rock to swing to bossa nova. While being true to their roots, the band seeks arrangements that incorporate fresh and vibrant sounds to help reach a broader audience. They call it intelligent rock.
Check out early recordings: https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/1307768


Kate Balandina Music Video Project


being a video artist i’ve decided to apply for grant in order to raise money to create a music video for a russian-new york based band/solo artist. all the money from the grant will go towards music video production of the chosen artist regardless of the grant amount.

the artist/singer would be chosen by conducting a public poll (facebook.com or such)

check out my work here: www.kosmomedia.net/video.asp



DODO Orchestra Music Video

world retro music

Maria Sokolovsky-vocal
Leonid Gelman-piano, guitar, sax, vocal
Dmitry Sokolovsky-bayan
Dmitry Ishenko-upright bass
Boris Zeldin-percussion


DODO orchestra

This NYC based miniature orchestra is a very new formation, but gaining popularity by day. Their musical backgrounds differ, but their taste for quality music is same. They all have musical education and experience, and readily incorporate their knowledge and abilities in interpretation of sophisticated and crazily diverse repertoire. Pianist Leonid Gelman is doing most of music arrangements for the group, and is equally at ease playing guitar and saxophone, when a song calls for these instruments. The leading vocalist Maria Sokolovsky is classically trained opera soprano(MM,Mannes College of Music), who is tremendously happy in that “crossover” collaboration. She is finding that quiet amusing and pleasurable to be able to sing all the great melodies that world has to offer. The bayan player Dmitry Sokolovsky is a graduate of Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow and one can hardly find a tune that this musician hadn’t yet play. Their sought-after Bass player Dmitry Ishenko has graduated both from Berkeley and New England Conservatory and often can be spotted at the top notch jazz venues of New York City. And finally, their percussionist, Boris Zeldin, also trained as a piano major, well known for playing around with many rock bands.
It’s hard to define their style; in short, they are acoustic band that plays “con gusto” world music that appeals to them, that is Tango, Samba, Bossa nova, American, French, German, Italian and Russian retro, all sang in original languages.


Oleg Buryan – ArtWork “STAKAN”







Installation consists of two parts:
The first (the visible part) – the oldest architectural form -ziggurat
A second (virtual part of the installation) – an interactive project for the Google-maps.
“In the archeology of Russian life, we will come back to the faceted glass always. This is our symbol,
but rather- just the matrix. This bowl is not just for birthdays, but also a memorial bowl. It balances life and
death. And means serious things.”
Viktor Erofeev
The purpose of the work- to fix a vanishing archetype in the space of visual culture (in the form of monumental
ziggurat) and synthesis of ritual space with virtual ..
The word for a glass(STAKAN) allegedly comes from Turkish, where «tustygan» ,or “ tostakan “(and in the modern Kazakh lang.) -denotes a bowl.
Galahad – Knight of the Round Table King Arthur and one of the searchers for Bowl the Holy Grail was known
for spiritual purity and courage, and the only knight who found the Holy Grail.
Galahad is also a sort of native grape, which produced an excellent low-cost wine.



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